Qiao Han Pets Farmer's Wife: This Lady Is So Hot

"My sister did marry to the Ye family in Yangshu Village

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and I watched Ye Bosheng grow up" The old man looked old about the same age as Yang Lizheng Especially when he saw Yang Lizheng he carefully identified for a long time and finally his eyes flashed a touch of light "Brother Yang I didn't think you were still alive" Do you remember me Have I seen you before when I came to Yangshu Village As his voice fell it was suddenly quiet all around Yang Lizheng rolled his eyes when he heard this Lizheng's wife will explode at once Yang early summer "" So her grandpa was killed The old man and the old woman are a little strange It's you I haven't seen you for many years You are all alive with white hair Can I still die with black hair Why are you here again today Didn't your two families break off contact An uncle who broke off contact with his nephew didn't even come to see him when he died What are you doing here now Yang Lizheng a few words let Yang early summer almost understand the situation originally this is really Ange's uncle uncle and grandmother but is broken it is estimated that because of this Ye Bosheng did not tell Ange Yo that's not right

Why did you break up Didn't anyone tell us when we were fighting for life and death Besides it's not natural for me to come to my grandson's house Why do I have to ask Then he said to Yang Chuxia "Granddaughter-in-law did you hear that We are really your uncle and grandma Where do you live now" I heard it's the biggest house in the village All the relatives have come to visit us Don't you invite us to sit down What did Mrs Cao think of this granddaughter-in-law She was not pleasing to the eye She
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looked so enchanting Look at the hair on the head the little darling is actually a gold hairpin and the hand is a pearl And the dress was made of silk and she had not seen many people wear it in the town In fact she was too low in status to meet the ladies of the big families in the town Unexpectedly Ye Bosheng the son of his nephew was so powerful that he could pass the Jinshi examination and become an official It's a pity that I got married But it doesn't matter So what if I get married I heard that big families like to accept small ones Chapter 979 are you sick But just let this woman to stop otherwise can force that Ange to take the granddaughter then what happened is not very simple After giving birth to a son the hum Ye family is not the granddaughter to say But she won't give up! "Grandpa is this family divorced from our Ye family" Yang ignored her in early summer and asked Yang Lizheng directly Yes! It has been broken for many years and it has been broken since Bosheng's generation Yang Lizheng that is also a lifetime of people this family to do what can not be clear I don't know where I got the news but I came to take advantage of it Since they are all divorced there is no need to invite them to the house There are a lot of people who come to recognize their relatives these days Now people are really shameless When the Ye family was in decline
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they didn't hear about uncles and grandmothers coming to the door Now someone is coming She has thought this family is absolutely not recognized whether it is broken or not look at one by one calculating eyes let her look uncomfortable Besides since it was broken off it meant that something had happened that year otherwise the father-in-law would not have told Ange Not to mention these when Ange had a miserable life she did not believe that these people could not know When Ange was down and out no one came to see him but now he has come to recognize his relatives Dreaming!

This is! Granddaughter-in-law how can you speak There is really no family education We are your husband's elders Besides who said our families were broken up At that time Ye Bosheng the stubborn donkey did not associate with our family It's not that we don't associate with the Ye family After a pause she went on to say "How can an elder come to the door and ask questions outside without inviting people into the house first" When Yang Chuxia heard this he snorted coldly "You're wrong My husband and I are both junior Since my father broke up my husband and I dare not disobey his father's wishes" So please come into the room It's neither a kiss nor a visit As for my tutor it's not your turn to be an old woman Even if I don't have a tutor I won't let my granddaughter be a servant girl Then he beckoned Mrs Li and others to hold the baby and prepare to go home Wait! When the old man of the Cao family saw that she was leaving he hurriedly shouted and when he saw Yang in early summer he turned around and said coldly "You don't recognize our relatives don't recognize our two elders" Are you sick What do you recognize when you are divorced Yang early summer is a little tired of this family this is what with what this does not contact people suddenly run out to do And the attitude is so tough Cousin my grandfather and grandmother are your elders and what you said just now is disrespectful to your elders Cao Lingling who had not spoken all the
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time finally opened his mouth and glanced at Yang's whole body in early summer flashing some jealous light in his eyes Grandpa Lizheng in our Cao clan if the younger generation of the Cao family disrespects their elders they will be punished Yang Li was confused by her words Does this mean that Xia Xia disrespects his elders and lets him punish Xia Xia Your brain is full of paste I said little girl have you taken a fancy to my nephew and son-in-law How can there be no Rockwell on such an occasion See this Cao Lingling is also beautiful that appearance is quite like Hong Shi let her look not pleasing to the eye plus just that words she can not understand the meaning of this girl Chapter 980 don't call me sister-in-law "But it's no use looking at you Have you seen my niece" He looks better than you and his figure is better than yours Said Luo Shi stepped forward looked at Cao Lingling carefully and heard her say "Little girl can you read" Cao Lingling shook his head Rockwell laughed "Do you know how to do business" Cao Lingling shook his head again What would you do "I can embroider and make clothes and my needlework is the best in the village"

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